Best Texting Apps for Android

Stock texting apps on android are not impressive, thankfully you can replace them with one of the best texting apps for android and call it a day. There are many exiting apps available on Google Play Store and most of them are pretty amazing, this is why we have selected the best of the best so you don’t have to go through hundreds of texting apps to find the one that suits your needs.

Let’s be honest here, regular good old-fashioned texting has taken a backseat these days. Most of the people use the free Internet-based texting apps and that’s all fine. But there is a certain old-school charm in sending a regular text to someone you care about. Plus, despite all advancements in science, there are certain areas where Internet connectivity is so bad that sending a regular text is all you can do. Even if you’re getting full network signals, your carrier may not have 4G coverage in that area at all so it is always good to invest in a great texting app for android.

Note: The texting apps for Android are not in any particular order simply because they all essentially provide the same service. Sure there are some features that are unique to them, but depending on your taste, you may or may not fancy them at all. So, we recommend you take a look at the whole list and select the best ones for your needs.

Android Messages

    Google LLC CommunicationFree It’s been long time coming and finally Google has decided to revamp their default messaging app. Android Messages is a new texting app for Android and has certainly some great features that will make it your favorite texting app. The app follows the usual material design Google loves, it is clean, familiar and simple to look at. This is one of the biggest features of the new Android Messages, the easy to read and follow user interface. It’s almost the same as Google Duo, an app we featured in our best video chatting apps for Android list. Sharing is also handled really well. The app allows you to take pictures and videos without even leaving it. So you can easily send cool videos, pictures and audio you capture directly to your friends and family. You can also send emoji and stickers if those are your jam. I really loved the location sharing feature as well, makes it so much easier to tell people where you are. The Android texting app is capable of sending messages over data network or Wi-Fi, but that is limited by carrier support. Overall if you want a clean and simple to use texting app for Android, Android Messages is one of the best ones you can get. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Textra SMS

    DeliciousCommunicationFree The first thing you will notice about Textra SMS is its beautiful user interface. The app is expertly designed and can easily go toe to toe with Google’s own app in terms of UI and even beat it in terms of customization. Not only does the app introduce a lot of different customization options but also is extremely fast in usage which is a lot more important in a dedicated messaging app. Part of the reason why the interface looks so familiar and beautiful is that it uses the same material design theme that Google wants every app to use. You can easily switch between dark and light modes but also have the option of automatically switching to night mode. When it comes to messaging, you can easily schedule future messages with Textra. This makes sending anniversary and birthday messages a lot easier, even if you forget, the app remember to send a pre-written message. One of the best things about this app is the ability to customize theme, colors, signatures, notification sounds, and privacy, according to the contact. So if you want your phone to blast out a song whenever your dad send you a text, you can do so with this app. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Mood Messenger

    Caléa CommunicationFree Mood Messenger is another great texting app for android that not only allows you to customize the appearance but also provides you with some unique features. It is a simple, fast and effective SMS app for android that delivers on all fronts. The app is capable of suggesting emoji depending on what you’re typing. But the main draw is the mood sharing feature that allows you to set a mood without having to type anything at all. Customization is also very extensive in Mood Messenger. You’ll be able to change colors and shapes of the message bubbles, size as well as style of font, backgrounds, notification sounds and a lot more. So if you want a fully customizable messaging app for your smartphone, Mood Messenger brings a lot of different options is from. If you don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of customizations, you can easily switch a theme and completely change the look with a few clicks. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Go SMS Pro

    GOMO Apps CommunicationFree Go SMS Pro has been around for a while and has been consistently providing quality texting service to android users. The Go SMS Pro development team has been keeping the app up-to-date with the latest features as well as revamping the design to make it more modern and intuitive. One of the best features of this messaging app is the inclusion of dual SIM support, which is usually not seen in other messaging apps. There are a ton of different personalize themes that allow you to visually change how the app looks without much effort. The app also comes with some really great stickers that you can send in conversations. There is also a private box that encrypts your messages to protect your privacy. That also comes with a pop up feature that allows you to quickly view and reply to messages without even leaving your current app. Go SMS Pro also has a very effective SMS blocker that can easily blacklist different keywords and even filter spam messages automatically. Now you won’t be getting any advertisements at 2 AM. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Chomp SMS

    DeliciousCommunicationFree Chomp SMS is a beautifully designed texting app for android that runs really smoothly on almost any hardware. If you’re looking for a lightweight SMS app that you can use daily without any worries of unnecessary resource drainage, then Chomp SMS is the best app for you. The app offers a ton of different features so that you will have full control over how you receive and send text messages. For example, you can easily put a passcode on the app so no one can have access to your sensitive messages. There are also privacy options, a scheduled SMS sender, a great blacklisting and SMS blocking system and text snippets. The app also allows you to stop a text message while it sending, so if you hit send by mistake, you can easily stop the SMS. The app also offers dual SIM support, good grip messaging and the ability to select multiple pictures from the gallery. The app also has full support for more than 1600 emoji, so you can easily express yourself. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Handcent Next

    HandcentCommunicationFree Handcent Next brings the familiar material design to the SMS messaging apps and does it in good style. The app is superbly designed and provides a fast, stable and the resource effective experience to all users. The app is able to run on almost any hardware without any slowdowns or worries about compatibility. There is also a night mode that allows you to read text messages at night without straining your eyes too much. A pop up window gives you a lot of flexibility while reading and answering text messages you receive. There are some beautiful looking themes and backgrounds available on this app that allow you to customize the user experience to your own preference. The app allows you to personalize bubble style, colors, fonts, ring tone, LED color, vibration pattern and notifications. So almost everything is customizable and that too for each individual contact if you want to do so. The app also allows you to send SMS messages from your PC, Mac or tablet without even touching your smartphone. This feature makes typing a lot easier and faster, it is a really handy feature that allows you to send messages in rapid succession. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Pulse SMS

    Luke KlinkerCommunicationFree If you are looking for a great texting app for Android that is not only straightforward and design but also has some of the best looking animations around, then Pulse SMS is the app made just for you. The app comes with a lot of different features that make texting a pleasurable experience for every user. In terms of privacy, you can easily set a password for the app that completely disables anyone looking to snoop. Sharing animated GIFs is easy with this texting app and makes conversation a lot more entertaining. One great feature we really loved about this SMS app is its ability to search through messages in conversations in almost no time at all. The app also provides you with automatic message backup services that you can access with an online account. There is also a preview web links option that saves you a lot of time. Another amazing feature that Pulse SMS brings to the table is the delayed sending method, it gives you ample time to edit or cancel a message you’ve already sent. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Ending Message:

These were some of the best texting apps for android and we sincerely hope that you find one of them perfect for your personal usage. All of them are incredible in their own way and provide something unique to users. However, if you just want a simple texting app for android than the Google option is the way to go. Google usually updates their apps regularly and provides some of the best security when it comes to personal details. Plus all of the apps are amazing at sending pictures you take with the best beauty cams for Android anyways.

Do you still regularly used texting apps for android? Or you rely on other messaging apps more? Do tell us how a texting app can help you in your conversations, we would love to hear from you.

Download Real Football 2019 for Java, Android & PC (Latest APK)

Your favorite Real Football is back with a bang. Yes, Gameloft has brought the Real Football 2019 now. Yes, the RF Series by Gameloft has been a hit from the last decade. And guess what, Gameloft is back with the all-new Real Soccer 2019. The game is available for Android (APK) and Java (Java) mobiles. So, kick off now by downloading the latest version of RF 2019 from the below section.

Key Contents [show]

Real Football 2019 For Java And Android

Gameloft has not given any challenge to FIFA and PES games with the Real Football 2019. Rather, they are targeting the fans those are looking offline and lightweight package. Gamers with weak hardware will choose it as the standalone soccer game.

The new 2019 edition for Android is coming with many improvements in gameplay. You can find some new playing modes like 5 on 5 and others. It is now available for download in the Gameloft Official store. So, you should buy it to play both for Java and Android. Get the Real Football jar or APK from the official site only. We have noticed improvements in shadows and textures in graphics while playing. Option for changing camera angles is there in Settings. The new AI and ball physics additions help in experiencing more fluid and realistic.

  Download (Real Football 19) for Android

The improved asynchronous multiplayer mode is there. It helps to play against other online teams instantly. This way, you can also earn rewards daily and weekly. The all-new agency system is available. That new thing making it possible to see who is open for a transfer. So, you can pick a player of need to boost squad strength.

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Features Of Real Football 2019:

  • New 5 on 5 Mode
  • Asynchronous multiplayer mode: Play with other teams online
  • Gain daily and weekly rewards
  • See which player is available for transfer. So, you can get them into the squad to strengthen the same.

Download RF18 Game For Java

128×160.jar – click here

240×320.jar – click here

240×320.jar Touch – click here

320×240.jar – click here

240×400.jar – click here

360×640.jar – click here

APK Download Real Football 2019 (Latest Version)

  • Click here to download latest Real Soccer 2019’s latest by Gameloft from Play store.
  • Install it and enjoy the game.

Video Trailer:

History Of Real Football:

The Real Soccer mobile game aka Real Football is very popular among the youngsters. It is a hit sports game for mobile phones by Gameloft. The company has been the most favorite publisher of all the gamers on java phone. They have been leading the JAR (java) games industry from decades. Among all the HITS, the Real Football series stays at the top. The series is launched with the first installment i.e. Real Football 2004. The RF 2004 was free for some mobile phones. It was a Super-hit. Now, Gameloft is releasing a new installment every year. The Real Football 2019 is the latest from the soccer mobile game series. This famous game comes with real name cups and players. So, every gamer gets great Real Soccer experience on a mobile phone.

Download Turbo VPN for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop

Most people know that VPN apps like Turbo VPN are just intended to keep a private browsing experience. While that is correct, there is more to VPN apps than what you already know. And in this article, Turbo VPN will make you rethink how VPN really works. And the best part is you get to use the Turbo VPN for PC version.

Turbo VPN is one of the highest rated Android VPN apps on Google Play Store at 4.7 stars out of five. That means, on that fact alone, you get the idea that Turbo VPN is not a laughing matter and is one of the most serious and reliable VPN to date. Not to mention that it is free.

If you are thinking or expecting an official Turbo VPN app for PC Windows’s versions, it is actually not the case. Although basically, we will be running a full version of Turbo VPN on Windows devices, this is not how it works.

As you may have heard before that Turbo VPN is one of the most reliable VPN apps on mobile devices, it is the same when we port it for PC and laptops. If you are not familiar with an Android emulator, then here is your chance to get acquainted with this software.

We will be using an Android emulator that enables any supported Windows version to run Android apps and games with ease and much better experience. If you are interested, let’s proceed.

Contents [show]

Download Turbo VPN for PC

NameTurbo VPN v2.8.12Size9.8 MBRequirementWindows 7/8/10/XPAuthorInnovative Connecting

Download Turbo VPN for PC

Important Reminder:

Downloading only the Turbo VPN app will NOT run on Windows PC. You need to read the full instruction on how to properly install the file on any Windows machine.

How to Install Turbo VPN for PC

Android emulators are now a thing on the Windows community. It is well-known that there are millions of apps and games on the Play Store. And most of them have no Widows version to boot with. Hence, this is the rise of Android emulators.

Before we can start, let me remind you that the Nox App Player, the Android emulator that we are going to use in this step-by-step guide is around 400Mb in file size. So if you have a slow internet connection that might take a little longer to finish. So we would suggest that you use download booster software to accelerate the download speed. Let’s begin.

  1. To start the process first is to download the Android emulator below and the Turbo VPN APK above.
  2. If you have installed a download manager and booster, the download should take about just a couple of minutes.
  3. When all download is ready, double-click on the emulator installer to start the installation process.
  4. Follow the instruction and choose the desired installation folder. If you want, you use the Windows default Program Files folder for all the software installed on your Windows system.
  5. The process should take about a minute or two depending on your system speed. But as soon as the installation finishes, go to the main desktop.
  6. On the main desktop, you should find the Nox App Player shortcut icon. Double-click on the Nox icon to initiate the emulator.
  7. Since this is your first launch of the software, you will find a short guide on how to use the controls of the emulator while playing games or just navigating through the interface.
  8. Once you reach the main desktop of the Android emulator, you will need to leave the app running in the background and go to the Turbo VPN APK that you downloaded earlier along with the emulator.
  9. You may drag and drop the APK to the Nox running window, or you can just double-click on the APK file to start the installation.
  10. After a few moments, the Turbo VPN icon should appear on the main desktop along with other installed apps.
  11. You can now click on the Turbo VPN icon to start the app.
  12. That’s it. You may browse away and visit any website that you want to see without worrying about being tracked or located.

Download BlueStacks Installer

Features of Turbo VPN

The Turbo VPN despite that it is free to download and use, it has some impressive features. You won’t feel left out or feel that you are using a free version of a service. You get to enjoy premium services without costing you a penny or a dime. Anyway, to give you a broader idea, here are the features of Turbo VPN.

  • 100% free VPN service. Browse the internet with unlimited privacy protection.
  • Features one of the fastest VPN services to connect you anywhere in the world.
  • Be able to bypass firewalls set up by your WiFi administrator. This is best for students that are using school WiFi connection. With this VPN, you can access blocked sites and keep on doing it with no limits.
  • Simple interface to make every user feel familiar and at home. With just the one-tap feature, you get to dive into the VPN tunnel with no extra settings. Launch and activate then you are good to go.
  • Be able to visit sites that are restricted in other countries such as China and Russia or any other countries with strict compliance to their government policy.
  • Avoid being tracked and stay away from online prying eyes.
  • Works with all types of internet connectivity from WiFi, LAN, and Data (3G and 4G).
  • Uses the latest OpenVPN technology to encrypt all your data when you go active and online.
  • Free to download at no extra cost.

In Conclusion

If you are wary of your privacy and you want to be safe with your online activities, do not hesitate using Turbo VPN or any other VPN that you know of. An extra layer of protection can go along way.

Turbo VPN might not be the all-in-one VPN that you have in mind but what it packs when it starts running on your device is enough to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. In the end, our personal information should only belong to us and nothing more. Besides, Turbo VPN is a free app, what more could you ask for?

Do you think the Turbo VPN is the best of its kind? Or do you know of another VPN tool that can go head to head with it? If you know of an app, tell us in the comment section. It just might be the next topic that we are going to discuss in the next article.

Feel free to leave a message if you have some questions regarding today’s topic. Also, if you have some suggestions, you may also leave a message down below. We will try to respond to your queries as soon as we can. And please do share this article with your friends who wish to enjoy the same privacy that you do.

KineMaster Mod APK+ Premium Unlocked [No Watermark]

Kine Master Mod APK : Hey Everyone How are you all? Hope you are good. Today i’m going to share the most powerfull video editing app with you. KineMaster mod apk one of the and powerfull apk for video editing. KineMaster Apk is available on google play but its free version and some limited items to use and add Watermark to your video but we will share KineMaster Pro Apk with you so you can use all its premium features and edit your videos without watermark.

If you are youtuber then its most important to give high quality videos to your viewers. if you make your videos beautiful then there is a better chance to get viral. Earlier if you want to do better video editing you have to use Pc or laptop but now KineMaster Mod Apk is here to do your job easily with your mobile phone.

Contents [hide]

  • 1 About KineMaster Mod Apk Video Editor
  • 2 Features Of KineMaster Free Apk
  • 3 Features Of KineMaster Mod Apk
  • 4 How To Do Editing on KineMaster Mod Apk?
  • 5 Public review About KineMaster Pro APK
  • 7 Share this:
  • 8 Related
  • KineMaster Mod Apk

About KineMaster Mod Apk Video Editor

KineMaster Apk is a full-featured video editor for Android. KineMaster has powerful tools that are easy to use, like multiple video layers, blending modes, voiceovers, chroma key, speed control, transitions, subtitles, special effects, and so much more! Find out why creators love KineMaster for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram and why journalists, educators, marketers, and vloggers use it professionally! Download KineMaster Mod Apk to create, edit, and share your own amazing videos!

Features Of KineMaster Free Apk

  • First of all, it is absolutely free, But here we Giving you The Premium APK Also.
  • It offers layer’s editing. You can edit your video layer by layer and add effects accordingly.
  • It contains a large number of themes.
  • A vast number of audio and visual effects are present
  • You can preview your video at any point in time to have a look of how is it looking.
  • It also offers, frame by frame trimming.
  • Splicing and Slicing of the video are also available.
  • Transition effects like 3D transitions, wipes, fade in, fade out etc are also available.
  • Brightness control can be done ( whole video or at any particular point)
  • Video can be exported in High Definition sequence.
  • Share your videos to Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Features Of KineMaster Mod Apk

KineMaster Pro Apk

All of these features only Available on Premium Version of Kinemaster Apk, But here we Give you an Ultimate Modded version of Kinemaster Video editor, which is Up to dated and the latest version available on Play store, so now look at the Special Mod Features below.

Also Download: GbWhatsapp Apk Free Download

  • No WaterMark
  • Chroma Key Feature. (You can Edit Green Screen Videos)
  • Video Layer enabled for almost all Device.
  • Speed control. (You can make Slow Motion Videos as well as Fast Video also)
  • No Ads (100% Ad-free)
  • Speed control for video clips
  • Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more)
  • Supports all the video formats.
  • Automatically optimize the unsupported videos.

How To Do Editing on KineMaster Mod Apk?

Check out this video you wil surely get to know how to edit videos on KineMaster Mod Apk

Public review About KineMaster Pro APK

Roger DuFault: This mobile video editing app has all the features one would want to create excellent projects for YouTube. Just finished and uploaded a 26 minute 1080p video and it was a great processing success.

Unbiased Observer: I have made hundreds of videos… I only use kinemaster Mod Apk… because of its easy to use user interface and features are fantastic for a free app that is also part of why I don’t up grade so people can see who is helpful to creators looking to start producing videos of high quality Much Love Kinemaster pro apk Crew Thanks for making a great app!

LucyLED: This has almost everything, who ever is thinking to get this, GET THIS!!! This is good with green screen, it has cool sound effects, it has a awesome blur effect witch is really good for focusing and unfocusing. it has even more thrn than what i said. Get this, because it is more awesome then you could possibly ever imagine!


I hope I have given you all the necessary details about how to download and install KineMaster Mod APK Latest Version for Android in 2019. It is the best Video editor available in Android. It has a large number of options which will make your video from good to great. Download it now If you haven’t Download it yet then what are you waiting for.

Download Xender for PC/Laptop Windows 10/7/8

Download Xender for PC Windows 7/8/8.1 here. Read the entire article to know how to download and install Xender on your Windows computer. Xender APK is one of the fastest file sharing apps available in the world. It’s also my favorite file sharing app. I’m damn sure that until today you’ve only used this awesome app on your smartphone. But after reading this page you will be using this awesome app on your PC. So, let’s get started.

Today, I will teach you how to download and install Xender for PC. There are two methods for doing this, the first one is a little bit tricky and the second one is pretty easy. This article contains the first method, so if you are looking for an easy solution then please read the article about Xender Web. You can also visit our official website ‘7downloads‘ to learn more.

This article is basically a tutorial or workaround that will teach you how to run the Xender android app on your PC using Android Emulator Softwares. If you think the first method is not for you, Then start following the second method from below.

Contents [show]

Download Xender for PC

VersionXender 4.5.5Size17.9 MBRequirementWindows 7 and upAuthorAnmobi

Download Xender APK

Download and Install Xender for PC Windows Laptop

Step 1. First, you have download Bluestacks. This is one of the best Android emulators software which basically lets you run Android apps on your PC. First, we will be installing Bluestacks and then installing Xender APK on it.

Step 2. After downloading BlueStacks install it on your PC, and jump to the next step.

Step 3. Now download Xender APK latest version for Android from the download button above and open the app using BlueStacks. The Installation will take a few seconds and after that, you can use Xender on your PC/laptop without any issue.

Please note: You can also go to Google Play Store from Bluestacks and download and install Xender on your PC just like how you install any app or game on your Android device. However, this is the method which I like the most and suggest to everyone.

Download BlueStacks

The Best File Sharing App in The World

This is the answer to the question which many of our blog readers had asked via the contact us form. They basically want to know which is the best file sharing app and why? The definition of the best can be not so clear. After all, of us have different needs and perspective. Thus, some of you may not agree with me but being a blogger and geek myself I believe that Shareit APK is the best file sharing app in the world. Developed by Lenovo, SHAREit already has a huge user base and it’s growing at lightning speed. Moreover, SHAREit has a desktop app called SHAREit for PC, you can download Shareit for PC from our website.

If we compare Xender to Shareit then I will give Xender 6, while I will give Shareit 8 out of 10. Yeah, no app is super perfect, or maybe there is an app which is 10/10. If you know anything like that please share in the comment below.


Xender is the best file sharing app for sharing any type files like music, photos, games, and apps from one device to another using the local Wi-Fi network. Previously, you could have only used Xender on your Smartphone’s and tablets. But now you can download Xender for your PC and there is also Xender Web which you can access on your web browser. This app is already very popular as a smartphone or tablet tools app and these days more and more people have started to download it for their computer.

They’re downloading and getting amazed. I am sure you will also be amazed by seeing how fast you can share files from one computer to another using this awesome app.  In case you need any help regarding downloading and installing Bluestacks or Xender for PC Windows Computer, just drop a comment below, any of our team members will reply to your question as soon as possible

Best Android Mirror Cast Apps

Imagine projecting everything that goes on your smartphone screen to bigger television one, this is exactly what the best android mirror cast apps do. They take whatever is happening on your small smartphone screen and projected to a bigger display. It is one of the best ways to enjoy content that is already on your smartphone but on a bigger screen.

There are number of things you can do with the best android mirror cast apps and all of them are quite exciting. From being a true adult and presenting slideshows at an office meeting to showing off funny pictures you took of your dog to your friends and family, everything can be done if you have the right app and equipment. It is a wonderful technology that is built into android and is truly flexible when it comes to compatibility.

Writer’s Note: A huge point to be noted here is that while many TVs do come with built-in mirror cast technology, many are still way behind the curve. If you have an older TV, you’ll need to have an external mirror cast enabled device. Thankfully, there are some really inexpensive offerings available online that you can purchase and simply insert into the HDMI port of your TV. Google’s Chromecast is also an excellent option and we highly recommend that you invest in one. Another point to be noted here is that the external mirror cast devices will plug into the HDMI port of your TV, if your TV doesn’t come with an HDMI port, you’re out of luck. And honestly, we think it’s high time that you upgrade your television to something a little bit more modern.

We have extensively discussed how and what mirror cast does. Of course, if you’re already here, you know what it is capable of so let’s start talking about the apps that will help you project your smartphone images to a bigger screen. The apps are not in any particular order simply because they may or may not work for your particular smartphone or external mirror casting device, hopefully that won’t be the case but be ready to mix and match a little bit.


    ClockworkMod Video Players & EditorsFree AllCast is one of the most popular mirror casting apps for android simply because it is compatible with a vast number of different devices. From Chromecast to Amazon FireTV and from Apple TV to Roku, it is capable of delivering images and videos from your smartphone to a bigger screen without any problems. It is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to get your photos and videos on your TV without any additional steps. All you need to do is make sure your smartphone allows mirror casting, select the device that you need to connect to and that’s about it. However, this is a demo version that only allows you to view 5 minutes of footage on the big screen. You’ll need to upgrade to the premium version in order to remove the viewing limit. Thankfully, if the app works perfectly for you, it would make perfect sense to get the premium version to easily enjoy a quality service. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    Tuxera Inc.Video Players & EditorsFree AllConnect provides you the ability to immediately stream your favorite movies, photos and music to a number of devices with amazing finesse and ease. It is compatible with a lot of different devices which includes numerous smart TVs from different manufacturers, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and many more. One of the most amazing features of this mirror cast app for android is the ability to activate multiple streams simultaneously. So if you are streaming a video to one TV, you can stream audio to AirPlay Speakers at the same time. The app also supports YouTube content so you’ll be able to directly stream it on the big screen. However, it does not support YouTube Live. AllConnect comes with some very utility focused playback functionalities that allow you to add different media to the queue. You don’t even need to queue the same kind of media, the app will allow you to add or remove photos, videos and music from the queue without any problems. Streaming from any source is also supported really well, if you want to stream movies from a media server, the app supports that fully. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

LocalCast for Chromecast

    Stefan PledlVideo Players & EditorsFree If you already have a Chromecast attached to your TV, then the LocalCast for Chromecast is one of the most essential apps that you should get. While the initially thought that it is only compatible with Chromecast, we were pleasantly surprised to see it support a number of different smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and even Nexus Player. It would truly benefit the app if they remove “for Chromecast” from the name. However, there are certain features that are exclusive to Chromecast so we cannot blame the developers completely for the name. For example, the zoom, pan and rotate features only worked with Chromecast. Subtitles also work with Chromecast and Apple TV 4 with integration. There are a number of features that facilitate you watching movies over this app and subtitle support is one of them. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Cast to TV

    InShot Inc. Video Players & EditorsFree Cast to TV is a relatively new app on the android mirror cast scene but it has some really good features. It allows you to cast all local, music, images, videos to Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Xbox One, Smart TVs, Chromecast and even DLNA Devices. It covers a wide variety of devices so you won’t be left out of choice even if you don’t own a Google branded one. Casting videos to your TV to automatically searching for available devices, the app is capable of doing a lot without you having to do much. The app is capable of automatically detecting photos, audio and video files on your device as well as the SD Card. After that all you need to do is add local content to the queue and enjoy media on a bigger screen. You also be able to easily control the content being shown of the TV with a touchscreen-based remote control. Pausing, adjusting volume, forward and rewinding is available. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  


    Flipps Media Inc.Video Players & EditorsFree If you want your photos, music and videos instantly available on your TV or even a sound system, then iMediaShare is one of the best options around. Accessing your digital stored content anywhere without the need of any cables is a wonderful feeling to have. The app is capable of automatically discovering any compatible and connected devices that are near you and connect you to it. All you need to do is simply select what device you’d like to play on and whatever that’s running on your screen will be projected on it. However, it is not a traditional mirror cast app because you won’t be able to use online content with it. So if you’re looking for a competent app that allows you to stream videos, photos, music and even some social media on a bigger screen, then iMediaShare is the one you should get. There also intuitive controls that allow you to adjust playback, volume or switch videos by using touchscreen gestures. While the compatibility list with devices is not extensive, the app is supported by most modern TVs. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Cast Away:

These were some of the best android mirror cast apps that will surely help you enjoy content a lot more on the bigger screen. There’s something truly amazing about simply pushing a button and start watching a movie that is being streamed from your smartphone. Of course, there are some kinks that need to be ironed out when it comes to her casting content on a big screen, but we are sure that Google and other developers are working towards making it a truly seamless experience.

So what are your thoughts about all of these streaming devices? Which one are you using personally? Do tell us your personal preferences in the comments, we always love to hear what our tech savvy readers are using.

Instagram Plus (Latest Version) v10.14.0 APK Download [2019]

Now save any image or video from Instagram easily with Instagram Plus app. Yes, this is a new MOD apk to run Dual Instagram on Android devices. Get the latest 10.14.0 version of Instagram Plus to access all its premium features. Find the download link below.

As you are already here, you must be searching for Instagram Plus mod app. And I know why you are looking for it. You are using Instagram and love it as a photo sharing social media app. But you cannot download any image or video from it. So, you need a mod version of the app that can download any photo that you like. If this the matter then you are at right place. This Instagram Plus mod apk will surely solve your problem.

Key Contents [show]

Instagram Plus MOD APK For Android

The Instagram+ apk is similar to the GB Instagram for Android. Yes, it has identical features to GBInsta. If you have never used any Instagram mod app, then the Instagram Plus may make you say WOW.

Yes, many of us try to download status, images. But, there is an option to do that in the official Insta app. So, to do that the Instagram Plus mod app comes to action. It comes with the video, image download functions. Switch on the video autoplay option to start playing videos automatically with audio. There are more to explore. Just go and try it by downloading the Apk first. Then, follow the below steps to install the Instagram Plus mod properly on any Android mobile.

   Download Now (Instagram Plus)

Official Instagram Vs Instagram+ 2019

We always provide the latest version of Instagram Plus which comes with all the latest cool features. If you like to stay connected with others, then social media is the best platform for that. There many apps like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, google plus are available. However, when it comes to sharing photos, video, and stories, then one app name comes to mind, that is Instagram. It has all the feature that you wish a photo-sharing app should have. It is getting popular day by day and by over 300 million people use it every day. 

David is the developer for the mod version of Instagram Plus. One of the coolest features of Instagram is we can follow someone if we like their profile and media collections. So that, when they post something next we will get the updates on our timeline. After creating an account on Instagram, you can search for your favorite celebrities, fashion icons, professional photographers, motivations Instagrammers and start following them. So, in no time, you will see all the photos and videos shared by them will be there on your timeline.

However, soon one thing will disappoint you, when you try to save those photos or stories to your mobile. Instagram doesn’t allow you to save media files. So, to help you with that we have an excellent solution for you. We have a mod version of Instagram, that is, Instagram plus apk. It can replace your default Instagram app and allow you to download any media instantly without any issue.

Instagram plus comes with built-in download feature so you do not need to use any third-party apps. To take advantage of lacking download feature of Instagram, many developers created some websites and apps that claim to download Instagram photos for you. One similar mod app is WhatsApp Plus apk by GBMods. But most of the time you will find these fake and don’t do the work as said. They even try to steal your account with phishing. So, after using Instagram Plus you do not need to go to these scam apps and websites.

As the primary purpose of Instagram is to share photos, it comes with an inbuilt advanced photo editor. This photo editor provides all the general tools to edit photos and with an option to add lots of filter to photos that make the photo look amazing. After editing the photos, you can directly share it to Instagram. You can also download the edited photo and share it with other social media platforms. You never know, you might come up with some amazing photo editing.

Key Features Of Instagram Plus APK

Instagram Plus comes with many advanced features along with all default Instagram features. This will surely convince you to move from Instagram to Instagram plus. To know more about all the feature in details please check below.

Easy Download Pictures and Videos: Yes, you can download anything you see on Instagram with just one tap. Now save all the media available on profiles of anyone you like.

Zoom and View Profile pictures: With Instagram plus you can check full profile picture of any Instagram account. Along with that, you can also zoom into any images that may be profile picture or image shared on anyone’s timeline.

Dual Instagram with no Root: Looking for using dual Instagram? Then Instagram plus helps you to use it as Dual Instagram along with GB Instagram+. The best thing is it does need rooting of your Android mobile. Simply install it and start using with your other Insta account. Fouad WhatsApp Mod also does a similar job for WhatsApp lovers.

Follower check: You can check on the profile page, all the people those are following you.

URL Share: Like any photo, video or story and want to share with your friends. Now you can easily copy URL and directly share it to other social media platforms.

More small but exciting Instagram Plus features are as follows.

  • Go and download any status with the tap and download feature.
  • Easily download any image or picture you like on Instagram.
  • Download videos from Insta Feed with just one-click.
  • Long click on Profile Picture to see the Full DP
  • Following Indicator helps you see on someone’s page if someone is following you or not
  • Start autoplay of videos with sound
  • Instagram Plus supports the Arabic language

Apk Version Info

App NameInstagram Plus APKVersion10.14.0Last UpdatedSeptember 28, 2017Android Version Requires4.0 and aboveTotal Downloads40,000+App Size25.38 MBDeveloperDavid

How To Download Instagram Plus And Install On Android

  • Go to the latest version download page of Instagram Plus Mod Apk by Clicking Here.
  • After getting the APK file, proceed to install it.
  • It may ask you to enable Unknown Sources in Android Settings (if not enable before). Go and enable that.
  • Then, go and install Instagram Plus apk. After successful installation, open it.
  • Sign in and enjoy all pro features with Instagram+.

Older versions:

We are going to add all the older versions of Instagram Plus mod app here. So, keep checking out this place. You can get the APK files of versions other than the latest one.

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Instagram Plus

Its obvious that many questions appear in the mind of a user downloading an Instagram mod app. So, here we bring some answers to FAQs related to Insta Mod App by OGMods.

1. Is Instagram Plus safe to use?

This is the most common question by everyone because they are afraid of losing their account. Instagram comes with few advanced features over default Instagram, but this doesn’t not mean it’s not safe to use. Let me tell you, Instagram Plus is completely safe to use with no ban issue.

2. Can I download photos, videos, and stories with Instagram plus?

Yes, Instagram plus makes downloading any media a piece of cake which you can do with ease.

3. Can I use Instagram Plus as Dual Instagram?

Yeas you can use it with GB Instagram for 2 Instagram accounts on same Android mobile.

4. Does it need rooting?

No root needed for Instagram Plus.

5. As for Instagram Mod, few other alternatives available. Which is the best among them?

No doubt that Instagram plus is the best among all the mods. However, you can also try for GB Instagram or OG Insta+ as 2 other mods for dual Insta purpose. If you are using a single account, then stick with Instagram plus.

6. I am an iPhone user; can I use Instagram Plus?

Sad to say but Instagram+ is not yet available for iPhone. But we will surely update this post when there is an Instagram Plus mod release for iPhone.

7. Before installing Instagram plus, do I need to uninstall Official Instagram?

Yes, it is recommended to uninstall Instagram first before installing Instagram Plus.

These are most of the FAQs asked by many of the Instagram Plus users. Hope it clears all your doubts. If you still have any query, you can ask in comments. We will answer it as soon as possible.

Hope, you’re enjoying the Instagram Plus Mod. We can say it as one of the best Instagram modded apps. Do come back for the next version update. We will update it ASAP.

Download Clash Royale Mod Apk For Android

Clash Royale Mod APK is full of beautiful graphics and the beauty of the game itself conveys the atmosphere of those times. Locking of the locks, protection of locks, archers, knights, and a lot of antique equipment make it nostalgic for the player. Are you ready to move to the Middle Ages and take part in the battles of the Middle Ages? Sounds thrilling?

Fight the wall to the head, head to head, and open many interesting characters is utterly frantic.

clash royale mod apk

In the updated Clash Royale Mod APK, the good news thus far is that you don’t need a rooted Android device. This means you can install this fun game on any of your Android devices. The updated mod also permits you to login to your Google account hence save your in-mod progress.

checkout clash royale hacks, it helps you as well.

Table of Contents

  • Clash Royale Mod APK
  • Clash Royale Features
  • How to Install?
  • Clash Royale Mod APK FAQs
    • Conclusion

Clash Royale Mod APK

Clash Royale comes with sparky features and mods that glued its players to their seats for a lengthy hour’s game. You can get unlimited gems, have the 1v1 battles with other players. You can enjoy 2v2 battle as well. Or, you can create your very own clan or join your friends’ clan.

Besides some glitches and bugs, you can enjoy the nearly all features. Challenge your friends for 1v1 battles, have events from which you can earn bonus and rewards.

You need to be smart to design your own strategy to build your deck just to make sure you win the battle.

All these exciting features make the Clash Royale Mod APK really pleasing to play. There’s not a full stop yet. You can also enjoy clans and clans battles, unlock gems and coins, unlock your desired cards, open chests immediately, battle with other players, get legendary cards and chests and many more to make your hell crazy.

Check Out clash of light server, its best COC private server. I’m getting damn excited while writing this and surely you’re too.

Clash Royale Features


Clash Royale Mod APK comes is full of exhilarating features that make its fan crazy to play. Now, let’s enter the arena.

  • Play with multiplayer from around the world in real time and take their trophies.
  • Earn chests to unlock rewards, upgrade the existing ones, and collect powerful new cards.
  • Destroy your rivals’ towers and win crowns to earn crown chests.
  • Build and upgrade card collections with CR Family along with the dozens if your favorite clash troops, defenses, and spells.
  • Construct your ultimate battle deck in and defeat your rivals.
  • Make progress through multiple arenas all the way to the top.
  • Share your cards by forming a clan and build your battle community.
  • Challenge your mates and friends for a private duel.
  • Learn different battle tactics and tricks by watching the best battles on TC Royale.

How to Install?

The fun part is tapping. All you need to install this game in your device is just to tap the Download button and then the Install button. You certainly don’t need to worry unless you are using Android 4.0.4 or above.

It’s simple to install and wild to play.  Download Clash Royale Mod APK

Clash Royale Mod APK FAQs

How to Download Clash Royale Mod APK Latest Version?

There are some easy steps to download Clash Royale MOD APK on your device. Before downloading, you have to Allow Unknown Sources from the settings. Let’s talk about these simple and easy steps:

  • First of all, click on the given link below:
  • After downloading, you have to install it.
  • Allow all permissions to install the APK file.
  • Enjoy!

How to Hack Clash Royale Mod APK?

Clash Royale MOD APK is already hacked version of Clash Royale. Many people love to play this game on MOD APK to get unlimited resources free of cost. If you are also looking for unlimited resources, then you don’t need to worry at all., download the APK file and enjoy everything unlimited free of cost.

How to Update CR Mod APK?

The developers of the mod launch new versions of it with time. They are trying to add new features in it to attract more users. If you are also looking for the latest features, then you have to download and install the latest version of this mod. You don’t need to move anywhere els, but you can update it from this website free of cost.

Where to Download Royale Mod APK?

It is not an official game, but it is a mod of the official game. So, many people are providing the same mod free of cost, but you have to be careful because there are many platforms which are fake so you don’t need to go anywhere else, but you can download the APK file from this website free of cost to enjoy unlimited resources.

Is Clash Royale APK Safe?

There is confusion in the mind of people that it is safe or not. I am going to clear this confusion with the logic. It is the same as the other apps, and there are no worries to use it on your device. You can download and install it on the device without any fear.

Can I Play Clash Royale on PC?

Yes, you can play it on your PC, but it is not simple as other PC software or games. It is only available for Android devices, so you have to follow a trick to download and install it on your PC. For this purpose, you have to download Android Emulator on your PC and download APK file on your PC. I hope you will enjoy it on your PC.

Can I Play Clash Royale on iPhone?

Yes, you can play it on your iPhone, but it is not available for iPhone officially. You have to download and install it on your iPhone with the use of Cydia Impactor. Try to download and install on your iPhone to enjoy unlimited resources free of cost. Moreover, there is no need to jailbreak your iPhone to download and install on your device.

Is Rooting Device Required to Install Clash Royale MOD?

No, there is no need to root the Android device.


That’s all about the Clash Royale Mod for Android devices. Sorry for iOS users. But the game is available on private servers to be ready to enter in your iOS devices. The great thing is that this mod receives regular updates and is reliable to use.

GBWhatsApp Anti Ban Latest Version v7.00 APK 2019 [Update]

Hello guys. Here, we have brought the latest version of your favorite GB Whatsapp. Now download GB WhatsApp latest version APK v7.00 to enjoy new features and tricks. Upgrade to the latest version for a greater experience.

The main reason behind using GB WhatsApp is the extra features it has that is lacking in Official WhatsApp. Apart from that, people also love trying new mod apk versions of apps to explore its capability. So, let’s download GBWhatsApp Anti Ban new version 7.00 now.

Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version

Key Contents [show]

GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version (Info)

App NameGBWhatsappLast UpdatedJune 20, 2019Android Version Requires4.0+Total Downloads8,000,000+App Size28.10 MBDeveloperGB Mods (Omar)      Download Now (GBWhatsApp)

What’s New In GBWhatsApp 7.00 APK:

  • Extended the validity of this version for 2 months.
  • Note: If your number is blocked before, you need to back up the conversations. Then, uninstall and reinstall GBWA.
  • New: Anti-Ban.
  • Reply Privately from Group (Select any Message in group >> Options >> Reply Privately).
  • Exclusive: Now call participants in Groups.
  • New WhatsApp Base Update to 2.19.17.
  • Fixed crash when searching in Themes.
  • New: Add Stickers from Play Store apps.
  • Sort sent messages by Newest or Oldest.
  • Added: Confirmation dialog for calling in Group Chat.
  • Pin Chats increased from 25 to 30.
  • Fixed problem in App Language Change in Android Pie and Oreo devices.
  • Forces close while selecting more than 2 contacts in Message Scheduler/ Auto Reply also fixed.
  • GBWA Enabled: Group Calls, Swipe to Reply.
  • Option for Revoked Message Notification duration.
  • No Need of Separate App for GBThemes.
  • Fixed many bugs from Older GBWhatsApp version.
  • Other reforms and bug fixes for the app.

Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version (Installation Tutorial)

Here is a guide for downloading and installing the GBWhatsApp Mod safely in Any Android smartphone.    Download (GBWhatsApp)

  • First, go to your Android mobile Settings > Security > tick on Unknown Sources.
  • Click here to visit the download page of GB WhatsApp 7.00 APK.
  • Download and install it on your Android device normally.
  • Now open GB Whatsapp, Enter Mobile Number > Verify by OTP.
  • Yoohoo! You are all set to enjoy cool features of GB Whatsapp latest version.

How To Update GB WhatsApp To Latest Version

As we all know the update is not a big thing to do. However, people still search for how to update Gb WhatsApp. Well, you need to get the latest version of GB WhatsApp from the download section. After downloading the file tap on install and it will replace the old version with the new version of the app. So now you have the latest version of the GB WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp 2019 MOD APK For Android

If you have not heard about GB Whatsapp before, then here we clear about it to you. GB Whatsapp is an app to help you to create and run two WhatsApp account in one Android device. It can be installed and run on both non-rooted and rooted Android devices without any problem. It also comes with cool features which you will not get in your default Whatsapp. The GB-Whatsapp is much better than the WhatsApp Plus and OG WhatsApp. It is similar to YoWhatsApp MOD app. So, download and install the new version of GBWhatsapp from below. Also, check out the best cool features of GB Whatsapp which we have mentioned below.

Sharing stuff related to knowledge, memorable moments of life on social media is a new trend now. Be it gaining potential customers for business through campaigns or creating brand awareness, and big companies find social media as a great platform. Billions of people are active on social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. daily. These apps are master of their own fields. However, if we talk about messaging apps, no one can beat WhatsApp. It attracts people with its cool features and free to use the app.

We love WhatsApp not only because it’s free but also we can enjoy ad-free messaging. Ads sometimes too annoying while using any app. After few days fo its first release WhatsApp came with calling feature that helped in free calling using internet data. However, after all these features people wanted more freedom and customization for the app. As default WhatsApp couldn’t provide it, an Android developer Omar created this GB WhatsApp, a mod version of WhatsApp having new cool features along with all the default features.

As we already mentioned before using dual WhatsApp with GB Whatsapp is super easy, if you have 2 numbers. However, if you want to use GB WhatsApp as your only WhatsApp then just delete the default WhatsApp. Wait before deleting it, make sure to back up your chat so that you won’t lose your old chat history. You might ask why I will use GB WhatsApp? Because you will love GB WhatsApp as it gives you full freedom to customize WhatsApp according to your wish, fresh UI and many more. We have mentioned all the highlighted features in details feature section. Don’t forget to check it.

Messaging And Group Limits In Latest GBWhatsApp

Are you a WhatsApp, group admin? If your answer is yes, then GB WhatsApp is the best WhatsApp mod for you. Let me tell you why. With default WhatsApp literally, you don’t have much control over what people post on your group. But when you start using GB WhatsApp, available features for the group will amaze you for sure. You can have WhatsApp group name with 35 characters long. Control over who can post on groups. Restrict some contacts or all posting in groups and can also do settings that will only allow you to post in groups. While messaging on the group, you can mention someone’s name with the message.

Tell me, what your thought of having a broadcasting list of 600 is. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, you can have a list of 600 instead of default 256 for the broadcasting list with GB WhatsApp. Fouad Mokdad’s new FM WhatsApp mod also supports this feature. You can download that too. That helps you send a single message to all 600 members at once. One broadcasting list in GB WhatsApp is similar to 2.5 number of lists in default WhatsApp. Overall it takes the broadcasting feature to a whole new level.

Apart from broadcasting with the recent auto-reply feature addition, now we can reply to messages even if we are offline. Set autoreply for contacts, groups or both with many other cool settings.

Nowadays everyone is concerned about their privacy and data security. While we send a message to some in WhatsApp first, it shows a single grey tick. Then it changes to grey double tick when the receiver receives the message. Finally, it turns to blue double tick that means receiver read your message. However, for some reason, we don’t want to let the sender know that we have seen the message. But, we don’t have any feature for it in default WhatsApp. However, with GB WhatsApp we have dedicated privacy settings for the double tick. We have control over ticks that it will stop showing blue tick even after we see any message. Along with this, there is more customization available for ticks that can change the look of it.

Best Features Of GB WhatsApp

This GBWhatsApp mod apk has got all WhatsApp features with some advance extra features. Hence, I’m only listing the extra cool features here. So, check these out.

  • Hide Last Seen without any problem in one click.
  • Send a broadcast message to 600 people instead of 250.
  • Set Auto Reply for Any WhatsApp Message.
  • Preview of photos and videos without any loading.
  • Privacy tricks like Hiding second blue tick.
  • Theme store to install new themes.
  • No copy of date and name while copying multiple messages.
  • Send a video of size 50MB instead of 16MB.
  • Send 90 images (photos) at once instead of 10.
  • Copy friends status in one click.
  • Change app icon and notification icon from settings.
  • Update status up to 250 characters instead of 139.
  • And many more features, Try and use it to find.
  • Sorry, Not available for Apple iPhones ( iOS devices ).

Steps To Move From WhatsApp To GB WhatsApp Without Losing Any Data

Do you ever consider moving to GB WhatsApp from WhatsApp? If yes then this section is for you. If you had tried to move to GB Whatsapp before and canceled it in last minute because you are afraid of losing data. Then don’t worry this guide will cover that. Please go through below steps, and you will move your old chats without any issue.

>> Before starting lets open the default WhatsApp and in Settings > Chats section, take backup of all the chats.

>> I assume that you already have the GB WhatsApp with you and proceed to next step.

>> Install Gb WhatsApp then open it and tap on “Agree and Continue.”

>> On the bottom of next screen you will have an option “Copy WhatsApp Data.” tap on this option to restore the old data to GB WhatsApp.

>> Now provide with the mobile number, and it will ask you to verify the number.

>> Next verify the number with OTP message received on your number.

>> Now you can start using GB WhatsApp with all you old chats.

>> You can uninstall the default WhatsApp now.

>> Congratulations! You now have successfully moved to GB WhatsApp without losing any data.

Download Old Versions Of GB WhatsApp Plus

  • 6.65 Older version – click here
  • WhatsApp-GB APK 5.70 File – click here
  • MOD Version 5.60 – click here
  • GBWA classic 5.40 – click here

Questions Regarding GBWhatsApp Apk

We can see that every GB WhatsApp fan here has some doubts in mind about their favourite WhatsApp MOD. So, here we are here with the answers to the FAQs about GBWhatsApp apk. These are questions and answers for you. So, check these now.

1. Is it safe to run GBWhatsApp on my phone?
Yes, there is no harm as this is only a MOD. So, don’t worry. Download GBWA now.

2. Is it really better than the official WhatsApp?
Once using it, there will be the answer. The additional freemium features over original app make it better than official WhatsApp.

3. Can I get GBWhatsApp on my iPhone or iPad?
Sorry. Currently, GBWhatsApp is not available for Apple iPhone or any other iOS devices.

4. Is it possible to run 3 WhatsApp account with GBMods?
Yes, it is. It is very simple as you need to use AZ WhatsApp MOD along with GBWhatsApp and original WhatsApp.

5. What are the differences between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?
The name is the only difference (kidding). Otherwise, the features in both GBWA and WhatsApp Plus are the same.

6. Do I need to uninstall original WhatsApp first to use GbWhatsApp?
No need to do that. You can use it with the original one too.

7. Can I lock conversations using passwords in GBWhatsApp?
YES! It’s super easy to lock chats/ conversations using passwords within GBWhatsApp.

8. Is there any chance of getting the ban of WhatsApp account?
Don’t worry. GBWhatsApp has got the anti-ban feature. Anti BAN works 99.9% of the time.

So, guys, it was a simple guide for installing the latest version of GB Whatsapp on Android devices. You are also able to run 2nd WhatsApp account with exciting features and tricks. Stay tuned for more of these types. Please do comment below to ask anything regarding GBWA apk. We will reply to you asap.

iTunes for Android Download (Official Latest Version)

iTunes for Android: Are you one of those who made music a part of their lives? Do you know that you can now play your iTunes music to your Android device? If not, then this article is for you.

iTunes is an application specifically made for playing music and audio files. This tool is great for organizing and enjoying the music and movies you have. It also allows you to purchase those songs you want without using another app or software.

But what if your iPhone/iPad suddenly broke and you don’t have any access to your files including your saved music? Would you be able to get it from your Apple device, or will you just go to your Android phone and start downloading them again? Don’t worry! Apple has an alternative iTunes access for you.

Apple has a strict policy when it comes to the applications they made. Those apps are not available on other platforms like Android. iTunes, for example, is an app that cannot be installed on Android unless you can find an alternative for this great tool. Fortunately, Apple itself made it possible by releasing an iTunes-like application for Android devices, it’s called Apple Music. You need to buy it, but you can also try it for free.

Contents [show]

Download iTunes for Android

NameApple Music 2.8.4Size42.1 MBRequirementAndroid 4.3 and laterAuthorApple Inc.

Download Apple Music

How to Get iTunes for Android – Apple Music

Here are the steps on how you can get iTunes for Android or the Apple music. Don’t worry, there will be no need to use an Android emulator here just to run Android apps properly.

Step 1. First of all, you need to download Apple Music from the download button above.

Step 2. Download the Apple Music and wait for it to be installed completely.

Step 3. After installing, open the application and click “Start Trial” if you haven’t decided to buy it yet. Then sign in using your Apple ID, or, you can create a new one if you don’t have an existing account.

Step 4. Once you have signed in with your existing account, your music will sync on your Android device. If you have your account just created, then you can have access to millions of songs available to be downloaded and add to the library of Apple Music.

Congrats! You now have iTunes for Android that you can use while you are on your car and having a road trip.

Apple Music Key Features

Apple Music has many great features which you will surely love. They are all present even if you use other platform or operating system. You can easily discover the songs of your favorite singer from millions of songs available.

#1. Cross-Platform Support

iTunes may not be available in other platform but Apple made a way to make it possible for Android users. Apple Music is available on the following devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • Mac
  • Windows PC
  • Android
  • Sonos

#2. Discover

Apple Music has daily recommendations for artists, tracks and mixes. You can play the latest release of your favorite artists including the playlists and collaborations. Watching music videos and checking music video playlists is also possible. This tool allows users to tune in to breaking news and keep track of what is the hottest all over the world.

Discovering such trends when it comes to music and shows has always been a favorite of all music lovers. You can also receive notifications whenever there’s a new release of songs of your favorites. These what makes Apple Music a must-have app not only for iOS and Mac but also for Windows and Android devices.

#3. Listen

Listening to your favorite songs can be easily done on Apple Music. Make a library of your favorites and be able to listen anytime even if you do not have an internet connection. You can add and manage your songs by creating a playlist for any occasion; from motivational songs to party music, it’s all in this application.

Another feature is that you can stream music from the Apple Music to Apple TV. You may also choose to enable speakers using AirPlay.


Having Apple Music (iTunes) for Android devices is a genius way of managing your playlist even if you don’t have your iPhone/iPod. Discover top and latest songs and listen to your favorites – online or offline.