ShowBox App Download For PC, Mac, IOS and Android [*Latest*]

ShowBox App Download

ShowBox App Download: Technology has come across immense innovations in the last few years. And the results can be viewed if we look at the apps which have come into being. These days, apps have become so efficient that it can perform a lot of functions. One such feature is downloading and streaming videos from different sources. There are many such apps available, but when it comes to performance, Showbox ranks ahead within the top bracket. And in this following article, we focus on bringing forth all the details that you need to be aware of before you download Showbox for PC running on Windows or any other Operating system.

Showbox Apk: Best Android App to Watch Free Movies

Showbox App Features: The Outstanding Ones As we have already mentioned, the Showbox App is one of the best in business among the ones which are available currently in the online app market. And here is the validation of that claim. Go through the given features, and you will know why it is presently an unmatched app.

First of all, it allows both the download as well as the streaming of movies and popular TV series which are currently in discussions. You can choose the resolution of the video in which you want to download the film or the TV series. Another important aspect of the Showbox app features is that the videos have got subtitles as well. One can also get the latest news and updates related to the upcoming TV series and movies. A user will also be allowed to bookmark a particular video and can watch the video later on from the ‘Favorites’ section.

Download Showbox APK for Android Devices

One of the many benefits of the Showbox Apk is the fact that there are plenty of changes and updates/upgrades that are seen in the version after version. Every time there is an update, we bring you all the latest benefits and advantages of the updated Apk. This month too, the developers of the app have given us a surprise by releasing a new upgrade. Here, we give you the very latest Showbox Apk file version and the essential details.

Application NameShowbox App.
Latest Version: 5.10
Release Date: July, 2018.
Size: 39.18MB
Compatibility: All the devices that are running on Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and above are compatible.
Bugs Fixed/Issues
Solved A couple of issues have now been fixed.

ShowBox App Download

Some ShowBox App Features

They include: Some playback issues have now been made better/fixed.
Interface changes are now more noticeable
This app now supports more languages
A few persistent glitches have now been fixed as well.
The developer often releases updated apk files of the Showbox app. And the latest one which has come out on July 27 is the 4.93 version.
For further details, refer below.
Showbox Apk Latest Version (v5.10) 

File: General Information

Name: Showbox apk
Version: 4.93
Released on: July, 2018
File Size: 39.28 MB
Compatibility: Android 4.0 and higher
Notes: The new updated version has brought in bug fixes Not all movies had subtitles. The Showbox apk latest version has added captions to a few more movies.

Download Showbox App for Android Devices (Easy Steps to Follow)

Now you know why we recommended this particular app. And from here on we will provide the guidelines for downloading it on your electronic device. At first, we cite the steps that you need to follow to download Showbox latest APK for Android. And before we go into the process, we would like to inform that you cannot download this application from the official app store of any of the famous software developers. And hence, you need to download the apk file of the app to avail all the benefits of the app.

Step 1: Go to Settings find out Security settings of your smartphone. There you need to toggle on the ‘Unknown Sources’. This will enable you to download an app which is not available on Google Play Store.

Step 2: Now you have the license to download and install Showbox apk on your smartphone. Go to the download link we have provided and wait for the downloading process to get over.

Step 3: Once you are over with it, restart your device. And the moment you are back on your ‘Home’ screen, you can spot the Showbox icon. Click on it, and you have the massive world of movies and TV series at your disposal.

Download Showbox App for PC: 3 Exclusive Methods You know how to download this fantastic video by downloading the app on your Android device. You will surely be intrigued to come across the methods that you need to follow to download Showbox App for Windows PC.

But one thing should be mentioned that the application is not officially available for this particular OS. And thus you need to download the APK file with the help of an Android emulator.

So here are three natural methods that will enable you to get hold of the app on your laptop or desktop running on the Windows operating system.

Showbox Apk for Windows: Minimum System Requirements
Ahead of moving on to the simple steps here is a check on what you need to have inside your Windows PC to enjoy proper functioning of the app.

The system requirements are given as follows.

OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
RAM: 512 MB at least
Free Space: 20 GB

Download Showbox App for PC: Method 1 (via Nox App Player)

In the first method, we cite the steps that you should follow to install the apk file of the Showbox app on your personal computer with the help of Nox Android emulator.

Nox app player is an app which has come up the ranks in the recent times. Here goes the guideline for downloading this particular using Nox App Player.

Step 1: Download the Nox App Player from its official website and install it on your device.

Step 2: Now download the latest Showbox apk from the given link.

Step 3: Open Nox App Player. In the Toolbox, you can find the ‘Add APK’ option. Once you click on it, another dialogue box will open.

Step 4: You will be asked to choose the app that you wish to get hold of, Showbox in this case. Add it from where you have stored it. That will initiate the installation process and once it gets over you are ready to use it.

Showbox for Windows PC: Method 2 (using YouWave Android Emulator)

You can go for the YouWave as an alternative to the Nox App Player. And here are the steps that you can follow to download Showbox for PC on your device with the assistance of Remix OS.

Step 1: Download the YouWave Android emulator from the official website of the app. Install it once the download gets over.

Step 2: Now get hold of the apk file of the app in concern from the link provided here and store it somewhere you can get access to quickly.

Step 3: When the download is completed, go to the file and ‘right-click’ on it. The drop down has the option “Open with”. From there, click on YouWave emulator.

Step 4: Select it which will initiate the installation. When it is done, you can find the app icon in the ‘All Apps’ section of your PC.

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Install Showbox on Windows PC: Method 3 (using AMIDuOS)

The third method uses AMIDuOS as the Android emulator. It is a well-known software which is slowly gaining, even more, popularity among the users. And to check out how to download the Showbox for PC with the AMIDuOS, scroll down slowly.

Step 1: Like in the previous two, download the AMIDuOS Android emulatorfrom the official website which you can spot easily on the internet, or even you can get it from here. After downloading it to install it.

Step 2: In the second step, you need to download the Showbox apk. Click here to get the file.

Step 3: After downloading it, ‘right-click’ on it. The drop down will give the ‘Open With’ option where you can find ‘Apple to DuOS’. Click on it.

Step 4: The installation process will follow, and when it is over, you will be able to find the Showbox icon on your PC. Click on it, and you have a massive list of movies and TV shows waiting for you.

Download Showbox App for Mac: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

We have already provided the guidelines for the downloading the app on your PC. Now we have the users of devices running the Mac OS which would like to download this incredible video downloading and streaming app. For all those who want to download the Showbox for Mac, we have the steps listed below.

Step 1: For downloading the apk file of the app for Windows, we had some Android emulators to choose from (we opted for three). But here you need to create an account on Genymotion Mac OS X. Then download it on your Mac.

Step 2: Download Virtual Box and subsequently install it.

Step 3: Now login to the Genymotion. There you will find an ‘Add’ button which gives you the option of adding an Android smartphone. Select any of the brands, say LG for instance. You will get many LG smartphones to choose from.

Step 4: The moment you select one with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and Android version 4.4.4 or later (LG G6 for instance), the user interface of the Mac device changes into the user interface of that particular smartphone.

Step 5: The initial stages are done and now download the Showbox latest apk file from the link provided here.

Step 6: Drag and drop the file to the virtual device which will kick-start the installation of the app. (You might need to update the app).

Step 7: One thing you need to do before the installation of the app is, change the settings of your device where you will be redirected automatically. Tick the Unknown sources and wait till installation of Showbox for Mac gets completed.

Showbox for iOS: Is it Even Possible?

You might be eager to come across the process that you need to follow to download the Showbox for iOS. But to the utter misfortune of the users of iOS devices, a version of the app compatible with iOS is still not available. There are chances that in the coming days the developers will release one that will make the app available for the iOS users. But at this moment you need to carry on by downloading the alternatives to Showbox for iOS.

Wrap Up

After going through this entire write-up, and we can assume that you have got an idea of how the Showbox app works. And if that impresses you enough, you can follow the methods that we have cited to download the Showbox apk for Windows or even Mac. In case, you come across any difficulty accessing the mighty Showbox Android App, feel free to leave your queries here. We promise to provide you with a solution at the earliest.

Download Subway Surfers for PC/Laptop Windows 10/7/8

Subway Surfers Game Free Download for PC. Learn how to download and install the latest version of Subway Surfers on your Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC. By reading this page, you will also learn how to play Subway Surfers on your computer without any error.

During the earlier days of Android, Subway Surfers was a huge hit. We geeks know that once the graphics intensive games entered the scene, other games lost the charm. Yet, Subway Surfers remains to be the favorite game for many people. Just like how Asphalt APK to Asphalt for PC is, there is no stopping this game.

If you are one such person, who is looking for Subway Surfers for PC, you must feel lucky. I am going to give you what you want.

Contents [show]

Download Subway Surfers for PC

VersionSubway Surfers 1.107.0Size91.08MBRequirementWindows 7 and upAuthorKiloo

Download Subway Surfers APK

Subway Surfers Game Free Download for PC

I have researched a lot for this article. During my research, I have seen a few pages that provide the PC version of the game. I don’t know how it works or even it works at all. Though you can download such a version from the web, I won’t recommend you to do so. If you want the full version and paid with unlimited coins, you can try to use Freedom APK to download this app.

I would recommend all of you guys to follow any one of the two methods mentioned below for downloading and installing this awesome game on your PC. In this tutorial, you will learn about getting the easiest method to run the game. Start checking this method below.

Subway Surfers Game Free Download for PC

Method 1: Install Subway Surfers Using Bluestacks

Step 1: As you might have expected, the easiest method is by using Bluestacks. Simply put, it is an Android emulator or an app player that helps us run Android apps on the computer.

Download BlueStacks for PC

Step 2: You just need an internet connection of decent speed because the setup file sizes will over 100 MB. Once the download finishes, you should open it up to kick-start the installation. The process is pretty much the same as that of installing any other software.

Step 3: After finishing the installation, open Bluestacks. You will be asked to sign in with your Google account. I recommend you do this because it helps you download official app from the Play Store itself.

Step 4: Now search for Subway Surfers from Google Play Store and install it. Or, you can use the Subway Surfers APK, provided by 7downloads.

N.B.- Even though our pick is Bluestacks, there is a handful best Android emulators available, which you can use to run apps on your computer.


I hope you have figured out by now if you want to download and install Subway Surfers on your computer. Regardless of what operating system you are using, you can have it on your PC by using the android emulator we have provided for you.

If you are having any issues regarding the methods above and also the APK file, just leave us a comment. We will be glad to assist you.

Best App Killers for Android

There comes a time in Android life when you simply want to kill an app, and for that time, the best app killers for Android may come in handy. Some apps are simply annoying or they drain your battery consistently without giving you any kind of benefits, so it makes perfect sense that you would want to kill them off unceremoniously.

Of course, best app killer for Android is the uninstall button. It makes sense to simply uninstall the app that is hogging up space on your smartphone instead of killing it. However, if your smartphone is not rooted, and the app you hate is a system app for some reason, you’ll have no chance of uninstalling it. This is exactly where the best app killers for Android will come to your aid and strangle the app out of existence. A point to be noted here is that you cannot simply kill essential system apps because that will cause stability issues and won’t be as pretty as you think. Thankfully, manufacturer or carrier bloatware can easily be killed off with one of the best app killer for Android.

Writer’s Note: The best app killers for Android or task killers for Android are not going to actually murder an app. They will simply put the app on ice, a suspended state that won’t allow the app to even talk. If you want to forgive an app, you can simply un-kill it to wake it back up.


    Oasis FengToolsFree

Greenify is one of the best Android apps that can easily put any Android app to sleep and that too in great style. It is a really well-designed app and comes with an easy to follow interface. One of the best things about this app is its ability to recognize which apps are draining resources fast, especially which ones are hammering the battery life. From there you can easily put annoying apps to sleep, so they won’t consume system resources anymore.

Identifying and putting the old apps into deep hibernation when you are not actively using them helps your device to breathe a little bit easier and the battery life to thrive. One great thing about Greenify is that the hibernation is broken once you actively click on the app icon, and after you’re done with the app, it goes back to hibernation. So in my humble opinion, this is a better solution than simply killing an app permanently without any way to quickly revive it for usage. Sure, you may not want to use carrier apps a lot but there will come a time when you’ll need them briefly; Greenify ensures that they will work perfectly. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  



ShutApp is one of the most convenient task killer apps for Android that allow you to immediately close battery draining apps. While you can do that manually as well but the closed apps will automatically start up, rendering all that effort useless. Thankfully, any apps that are closed by ShutApp stay closed and will not restart immediately. The app is also capable of shutting down background apps automatically even on unrooted smartphones.

ShutApp also completely blocks data flow when the smartphone is not in use. This means if you haven’t put social media apps in the network access list, they won’t be able to access the Internet and consume your mobile data. The app also allows you to easily look up which apps are currently running and gives you the option of immediately stopping them with one click. If you absolutely know an app is not being a nuisance, you can put it in the whitelist to exclude it from being hibernated. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

ES Task Manager

    ES GlobalBusinessFree  

Task Killer


Task Killer is a highly straightforward app that allows you to kill apps without much effort. Right on the main screen you’ll see a list of apps that are currently running on your device. On the right side, you’ll see a checkbox that you need to toggle if you want that particular app gone. After you select the apps that you deem not worthy of using system resources, you can press the big green “Kill Selected” button and the app will terminate them.

In the settings you’ll find the option that automatically kills all apps running after a set amount of time. So, if you want the apps to be killed after every hour, you can easily do so with this option. There is also an ignore list that allows you to whitelist certain apps that you want running all the time. For example, if you want Facebook Messenger to run continuously in the background, you can simply put it in the ignore list. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Advanced Task Killer


Advanced Task Killer has a very ancient looking interface, there’s no getting around that. However, we are not here because we like the looks of best app killers, we are here to find the best killers only. And just like real life, Advanced Task Killer looks like an inconspicuous assassin that only means business.

All you need to do is select the apps that are to be executed by the task killer, and then press the “kill switch” to unceremoniously kill them off. One great option available in this app is the ability to auto start upon a restart. This means even if you restart your device, Advanced Task Killer will return and automatically kill apps that you had selected previously. The straight to business attitude of this great app killer for Android makes it one of the best ones in the business. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY  

Making a Kill:

These were some of the best app killers for Android that will surely make short work of annoying apps on your device. One of the biggest annoyances of using a carrier smartphone is the unnecessary bloatware that their smartphones come with. Over the years they have been toning it down by combining everything into one app, same goes for manufacturers that previously loved to shoehorn their own versions of simple apps. Samsung is still trying to push their own versions of basic apps that already come with Android, I don’t think anyone uses their browser when Google Chrome is already installed.

Until we achieve stock Android on every device imaginable, you will need to employ the services of the best app killers for Android. Do tell us why you personally need an app killer on your device? Which app is going to be executed first with an app killer? We would love to hear from you.

Fouad WhatsApp Download v7.99 – Latest Version Update (2019 APK)

Running multiple Whatsapp on Android is not a hard task. Nowadays, you can find a lot of MOD APKs to install on your Android device. One of them is Fouad WhatsApp. It is one of latest WhatsApp MODs available. Use this Fouad MOD 7.99 APK for extra premium features. So, we bring this post with all the download details of this superb Dual WhatsApp application.

Download Fouad WhatsApp for Android

Key Contents [show]

Fouad WhatsApp APK MOD For Android

I guess you may don’t know about this new WhatsApp MOD from Fouad Mokdad. He has developed the Fouad WhatsApp to run two WhatsApp on one device easily. We all use the GBWhatsApp for Android which is the most popular. It has got some super exciting features over the standard Whatsapp software. The Fouad Mods WhatsApp is similar to that with extra features. Experience no lag with beautiful material design. Enjoy many functions with depth customization, chat lock, privacy settings and more. Change the styles with the new themes available.

Important note: For users with a banned account:

  1. Take Chats backup.
  2. Uninstall Fouad WhatsApp app.
  3. Install new Anti-Ban V7.99 and Verify mobile number again.

     Download Now (Fouad WhatsApp)

New Version APK Info

App NameFouad WhatsApp APKLast UpdatedJune 22, 2019Android Version Requires4.0+Total Downloads3,000,000+App Size53.27 MBDeveloperFouad Mokdad

Download older versions:

  • Fouad.Whats.v7.60 – Download Link
  • Old 7.15 APK file – Click Here
  • Mod by Fouad Mokdad 7.10 – Click here
  • Baixar Fouad-WhatsApp version 6.71 – Click Here

Key Features Of Fouad WhatsApp

  • Themes Store: With themes, you can customize the look of FouadWA any time. Go to the theme store, and there you can find a vast collection of themes, choose any of them and start experiencing a fresh look of WhatsApp.
  • Group message Settings: With this new group messaging settings now, group admin can invite people using group invite links. Control who can message in WhatsApp groups. Also, in the settings group, admin can only message in the group.
  • Call blocking: With Fouad WhatsApp advanced call blocking features now completely control who can call you. Customize every aspect of call blocking.
  • Privacy settings: Privacy is an essential thing in social media. Using Fouad WhatsApp, you can hide your last online status. Show/hide control for second tick, blue tick, call recording and message typing status.
  • Send any file type: You can send any file types like zip, apk, exe, jpg, png, etc. to your friends and families through FouadWA which is not possible in WhatsApp.
  • Message anyone: Unlike WhatsApp, you can message anyone using their number only without the need of saving the number. Help in one-time messaging and as well as in quick messaging situations.
  • Pin Conversations: Pin up to 1000 important conversations. It will help in finding them quickly on the top of chats when you need it.
  • HD Quality image share: Share the image with others without losing its quality. On WhatsApp, it loses image quality when we send an image. However, in Fouad WhatsApp, it will ask you to send the original image while you want to sen dan image.

Other cool features like tick styles and app launcher icons changing options are there. Its filters for Images and Videos and Material UI with Special Calling UI are also very useful. Changes font styles with Font Preview in this mod by Fouad Mokdad. There is also an option to install external themes from file manager (XML). So, download this mod apk and explore it.

Latest Features Of Fouad WhatsApp V7.99 APK (New)

  • Update: more Anti-BAN.
  • Exclusive: Find Deleted Status (next to message time).
  • Whatsapp base update to 2.19.150.
  • New feature: Custom Online toast for specific contacts (inside Contact Profile).
  • Added: New setting can enable internet for WhatsApp only.
  • Pin group description in chats (Tap on 3-dot icon inside Chat >> Group Description).
  • Options available to Show/hide Other contacts, Recent chats.
  • Change Colors of Status Seen Circle Color, Unseen Color, and many others.
  • Download themes with Home Wallpaper from Themes Store.
  • Exclusive: Add Custom Stickers from the Play Store.
  • Enabled: Reply privately in Groups by Selecting message >> 3-dots menu.
  • Added Again: Anti-Delete Status or Story (Fouad MODs> Privacy> Anti-Delete Status).
  • Enable Vibration for Hidden Conversation messages.
  • Options for show/hide Frequently contacted, Recent chats, Muted/ Viewed/ Recent Story updates.
  • Fixed bugs in Conversation lock (Stronger WhatsApp Lock).
  • YoTheme store performance improvement.
  • Watch YouTube Videos directly inside WhatsApp via PiP feature.
  • Other reported bugs are now fixed with new app improvements.

Download Fouad WhatsApp Last Version 7.99 For Android

  • First of all, enable Unknown Sources on your Android Mobile.
  • To do that, go to the Android Mobile Settings > Privacy or Security > Tick the Unknown Sources.
  • Download the Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version v7.99 APK by Clicking Here.
  • Click on the above link to download the MOD APK file and install it.
  • Now, open Fouad WhatsApp > Verify Mobile Number as you do on the official app.
  • That’s it, explore all the superb features of this new WhatsAppMOD.

How To Update Fouad WhatsApp To New Version?

We always provide the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp apk on this post. To update Fouad WhatsApp first, you need to download the latest mod of Fouad WhatsApp from the download link provided.

Keeping Fouad WhatsApp up to date is necessary. Because if you do not update it, it will become obsolete after a few days. After that, you will not be able to use it. So, update it whenever you get an update notification available. Follow below simple guide to update FouadWA 2019 to the latest version.

When you see an update notification, come to this post and get the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp. For better convenience, you can bookmark this page. So, it will be easy to find the updated version.

Step 1: Get (download) the latest version apk of Fouad WA from HackTricks. Don’t install that now.

Step 2: Open Fouad WhatsApp. Go to Menu >> Fouad Mods >> Other Mods.

Step 3: Now, from the list of option, tap on “Backup WhatsApp data (5.0.7)”. The backup process will start instantly and finish within minutes.

Step 4: After a successful backup, uninstall Fouad WA.

Step 5: Go to your file manager. Find that downloaded apk file of the latest version. Install it.

Step 6: After installation, open it. You will see a red “RESTORE” button. Tap on that. Yohooo! Your chat backup will be restored within minutes. It will take you to WhatsApp home screen without any verification.

Isn’t it simple? Yes, it is.

Now you can start updating Fouad WhatsApp without worrying about loss of old chats.

How To Install Fouad WhatsApp On PC?

Installing FouadWA on pc will take a while. Because unlike mobile to run Fouad WhatsApp we need an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Memu first.

>> First, download the Bluestacks emulator from this link.

>> When the download is complete, install Bluestack on your PC.

>> After Bluestacks installation is complete, now open Bluestacks from the desktop.

>> As Bluestacks is open now, you can install Fouad WhatsApp apk from dedicated app installation menu on Bluestacks or simple drag Fouad WhatsApp apk to blues stack. It will start installing it instantly.

>> After Fouad WhatsApp installation is done, now open it. After that click on “Agree and Continue” and go to the next step.

>> Next, provide your mobile number and confirm. You will receive OTP message on your mobile for that WhatsApp number. Provide with OTP to verify your number. After OTP verification you can start messaging.

>> Congratulation! Now you can use Fouad WhatsApp on your PC.

This is a very simple guide to run Fouad Mod Whatsapp on PC. Just follow all the step above to get it done.

Download RC Fouad Whatsapp With IOS Theme

Want to experience iOS 11 or 12 style WhatsApp in Fouad WhatsApp? Here, we have got RC FouadWA by RC Mods. It has got iOS 12 entry styles and icon packs inbuilt. So, you should download its apk now.

Now, it has got a new 7.81 update.

Descargar link is here. Click here to get the new version of RC-FOUAD.

We have added RC YOWA iOS update too. Go check that.

FAQ About Fouad WhatsApp

Can I use FouadWA with WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use Fouad WhatsApp with your second number along with normal WhatsApp. This always comes handy when you have two numbers and want to use dual WhatsApp.

How much safe is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is completely safe to use and 100% free from malware. There is also no ban issue. It comes with all new Anti-Ban feature. You can use it simply as you use official WhatsApp. No need to worry about the safety issue of FouadWA.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and FouadWA?

Regarding functionality, there is no difference at all. However, if you consider features, then Fouad WhatsApp is 100 times better than regular WhatsApp. It comes with absolutely no limit to WhatsApp features. Apart from that, it provides tons of custom features that are not available on WhatsApp.

Is rooting necessary to use Fouad WhatsApp?

No, you do not need a rooted device. You can use it on any Android mobile.


So, I know you have downloaded this dual whatsapp apk. If you want me to compare the YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and Fouad, then, sorry. All these MODs are great. Excellent customization features with zero lag are there. Experience running multiple WhatsApp accounts at once. I think you want to install 100% safe version. So, update it to the most recent release. Enjoy all the best customizations.

GBWhatsapp Apk Download For Mobile Latest Version 6.95

GBWhatsApp: Hi Guys, we all know what is Whatsapp and when we purchase a new phone from shop or online we first install a Whatsapp in our mobile phone. The Whatsapp has 100 million downloads on playstore which proves that there are 99.99% chances that everyone has a whatsapp app in their mobile phone. We all spend 1-3 Hour daily on whatsapp for chatting and calling which becomes our daily routine in life. But, we face some restrictions on the official whatsapp app. So, today I’m will sharing GBWhatsapp Latest apk version so, we can access all the limited features of whatsapp.

GBWhatsapp has lots of amazing features then the official whatsapp app. Like, you can Hide Last seen, Online status, blue tick etc. the GBWhatsapp apk is the copied version of official whatsapp but comes with awesome features. There are many copied whatsapp versions are in the market but the best of them is GBWhatsapp. We can use this app on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version | gbwhatsapp download 6.95 apk latest version free !

Download GBWhatsApp 2019 Latest Version

RequiredAndroid 4.0 +
Downloads12,000,000 +
Last Updated30 Aug, 2018
Main TaskExtra Features
Provided ByBest Apk Mods


GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version

The GBWA comes with all the features of official whatsapp but it also has some extra features. With the help of it you can customize your whatsapp according to yourself. The GBWhatsapp has amazing UI. After using this app you will make it your first preferred app. So, if you want to try the best features of whatsapp then must use GBWA . I’m sure that you will like this app and start using it and you will stop using the official whatsapp.

So, now I will guide you how you can install GBWA on your mobile phone and get some more extra features of it. You will get the Latest GBWhatsApp ApkLink above and at the last of this article. So, for installing this app you need the Android phone which has Android Version of 4.0+

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version (Info)

Nowadays very popular and hottest application in messaging services is Whatsapp Messenger. In Whatsapp messenger you can create only one account. But many mobile phone having dual SIM. That’s the reason to introduce GBWhatsapp APK . It is used to create another Whatsapp account on your same device. This is not only for Android devices but also for iOS devices too. Don’t worry guys, now I’ll show you how to create another Whatsapp account by using GBWhatsapp application. And also how to download GBWhatsapp on your mobile phone.

About GBWhatsapp apk – Best GBWhatsapp mod

By using this you can send messages instantly. With the help of this great feature
only, it got number one position in messaging service applications. This is not only for sending messages, you can also send images, music, sounds, videos, documents, pdf and other files.

You can create group and chat with your best buddies. In GBWhatsapp one more awesome feature is available. It supports calls too. By using this feature you can make calls to your friends and family members.

GBWhatsapp Plus – Download it for android device and get extra features and function. Easy and simple deal two Whatsapp accounts from one mobile device.

GBWhatsApp APK is one of the best applications that an Android or IOS user can have installed on its smartphone. WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular internet messaging platform in the world today. For those who do not know WhatsApp came out in 2009 and over the years, more and more people have ended up falling in love with it and today.

However, GBWhatsApp is definitely the best mod for WhatsApp which can be installed on your Android and IOS device as well right now. I guess that you’ve heard about GBWhatsApp but if not then do not worry as we will mention some its best features.

GBWhatsApp comes with extra features comparing with the standard version of WhatApp and thanks to this application you can you’ll be able to enjoy two accounts in a single device, isn’t awesome? Furthermore, you have the ability to send up to 90 images at the same time instead of 10 images. All features of this application are mentioned at the bottom of this post. So, at first download GBWhatsApp for Android or IOS device and come back to check all its features.

So, let’s start Guide.

GBWhatsApp VS WhatsApp

GBWhatsAppNormal WhatsApp
Themes SupportNo Theme Support
You Easily Can Disable CallingYou Can’t Disable Calling
Always Online ModNo Always Online option
Hide Blue Tick, Second Tick, Online StatusHide Blue Tick only
Call via Phone Directly to other person from GBWhatsappCan’t Make phone calls.
Chat Lock InbuiltNo Lock Option
Send Upto 90 Images at one TimeCan send only 10 Images Once

Download GBWhatsApp 2019 Latest Version (Install)

The installation process of GBWhatsapp is very easy. You just need download this app from the links which I provided you. After downloading app just follow the guide which I’m telling you. Very clearly I will explain it you guys will not face any problem.

So, the first and the main step is that you have to enable Unknown Sources from the security setting for your phone. This setting is vary for devices:

gbwhatsapp apk

GBWhatsapp Apk Download | gbwhatsapp download 6.85 apk latest version free

Now, after enabling Unknown Sources from setting then open the GBWhatsapp apk which we have downloaded. And after that just install it.

latest gbwhatsapp apk download

Download GBWhatsApp 2019 Latest Version | GBWhatsApp Apk Download

After installing the GBWhatsApp Latest Apk just open it and then enter your mobile number which is showing in the screenshot below.

gbwhatsapp apk latest version

GBWhatsapp apk | Best GBWhatsapp mod

After entering your mobile number just verify it with OTP (One-Time-Password) which you will receive. Yes, that’s it you have done. You successfully installed the GBWhatsapp Latest apk on your mobile phone and now you are ready to access advanced features of Whatsapp.

gbwhatsapp apk download latest version for android 2017

GBWhatsApp | Gb WhatsApp

So, after setting up your profile on whatsapp then you can access some more awesome features of GBWA like Theme, Lock Mod, changing whatsapp theme colour, customization etc.

You can check the below screenshots which are showing you the features of this Latest GBWhatsapp Apk.

download latest gbwhatsapp apk

Download GBWhatsApp 2019 | GBWhatsApp Latest Apk

gbwhatsapp 2019

Download GBWhatsApp 2019 | GBWhatsApp Latest Apk

download gbwhatsapp app apk

GBWhatsapp Apk | download gbwhatsapp app apk

gbwhatsapp 6.10


Latest Features of GBWhatsApp

Gbwhatsapp has all the features of the official whatsapp also. But, now I will tell you about some extra features of GBWA like Hiding last see, hiding blue tick, hiding the online status for some specific contacts etc. There are some more features which you will find after installing Gbwhatsapp. Let’s see the list of top features of GBWA which you can enjoy them after installing:

  • It is fully based on the official and latest version of Whatsapp.
  • It has auto message reply feature also. So, that you can reply to your contacts automatically by scheduling the message when you are busy. The app will automatically send message.
  • You can hide your last seen and the online status also and hide the blue tick.
  • Added some extra features for the group admin for maintaining group in more proper way.
  • This app has inbuild DND feature which means that you can disable the internet for whatsapp only.
  • You can resend multiple Whatsapp messages at once.
  • You can hide view status privacy. Which means when you see any status of your contact then they will don’t know that you have seen their status.
  • Have the feature of hiding chats and saving stories.
  • You can send up to 50 MB file.
  • You can set group name up to 35 characters.
  • You can hide last seen, blue tick and typing status.
  • We can create broadcast of up to 600 peoples.
  • We can put the status up to 255 characters instead of 135 characters.
  • We can change the theme without any issue from settings.
  • You can also create any theme for whatsapp and send it to GBWA.
  • We can send up to 90 images instead of 10 images.
  • You can lock your whatsapp app without using any other third party app.
  • You can change the notification icon and the app icon which you like.
  • Some new emoji’s are added which are especially available on GBWhatsApp only.
  • Hide last seen for some specific contacts only instead of everyone.
  • Chat heads features like Facebook messenger.

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GBWA 6.95 Takes These Permissions of Your Mobile Phone

  • Contacts
  • Send SMS
  • Internet Access
  • Location Access
  • Radio Access
  • Storage Access
  • Bluetooth Access
  • Mic Access
  • Camera Access
  • Access Background Tasks

GBWhatsApp 6.95

  • You can enable or disable the notifications of revoked whatsapp messages.
  • You can get the history of revoked messages from the contact profile.
  • You can select all the chats from home screen.
  • Finally GBWhatsApp added the mention person feature in groups.
  • Also added UPI payment method.
  • We can convert any GIF into a Video.
  • You can also play any video from whatsapp to any video player.
  • You can also do auto reply.
  • Broadcast text conversation (only text conversation) .
  • You can share your live location with your contacts.
  • You can do quick reply just by pressing and holding the message and click on the text entry.
  • You can apply Filter or any effect on your photo when you send any photo.
  • Advanced Storage Management (Setting > Storage )
  • You can revoke multiple messages just by Selecting and click on delete icon.
  • You can copy the text status of your contacts.
  • We can remove the “Read More” Option in the long messages.
  • Now, we can send 100 Documents then 30.
  • You can search for theme or any emoji and add it or send it instantly.
  • You can schedule the message to multiple contacts in one click.
  • * Ability to hide impressions
  • * Privacy options
  • You can send group messages to groups
  • Hide any conversation
  • Automatic reply (you can send an automatic response to incoming messages when you are busy)
  • You can change the program line by approximately 30 lines
  • When someone delete a message from your device CEATEC notice tells you the message that wants to delete (recovered)
  • you can now stop online Alwatsab internet and keeps working in other programs

What’s New In GBwhatsapp 6.95

* Update to the new version 2.19.17
* Add new posts *
You can make a group call What group members
* If you select a message sent in the group you can reply to its sender individually in your own
* Fix the addition of stickers from Google Play
* Fix the collapse when trying to search for themes
* Other repairs

GBWhatsApp Update Apk Latest Download

So, the GBWhatsapp will get updated by their developers every month. You will get the Download link for GBWhatsApp above the content and below the content which I provided.

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Hill climb racing 2 apk mod


So, Guys this is the easy process by which you can install the Latest GBWhatsapp apk and can enjoy some extra features from the official whatsapp. We can hide our last seen, blue tick, can customize theme, you can schedule messages to your contact if you are busy etc. There many awesome features are available on this Mod app. Just install it and rock your life with GbWhatsApp APK

Top 10 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC to Run iOS Apps

Are you deeply impressed by the features and functionalities of various iOS applications and want to use them for your own needs?

Are you still thinking whether or not to buy an iPhone or iPad for this?

Well, worry no more. For, you can now execute all the iOS applications smoothly even if you do not have an Apple smartphone or tablet with you.

Yes, you read that right! Running iOS applications is now very much possible by all iOS fanatics using their very own Windows PC.

And how do you get that done?

With the help of iOS emulators that are compatible with your Windows computer.

What are iOS emulators?

An iOS emulator for PC Windows is a software application that enables you to enjoy the various iOS applications using your Windows computer system. This emulator software acts like a bridge, being compatible with the Windows platform but also providing an environment for the iOS applications to execute.

This means that even if you do not have an iOS device with you, you can still execute the games and other applications on another platform, with the help of the emulators. All that you need to do is simply download the best iOS emulator for pc windows on your laptop or computer and go about executing or testing or even debugging various iOS applications like you would do on an iPad or an iPhone.

List of Best 10 iOS Emulator for PC Windows:

Now, in case you are wondering which is going to be the best iOS emulator software for your Windows computer then readytricks here to help you. List of the top 10 that we have compiled for you. These are among the most popularly used software applications that you can simply download and start using.

Let us check them out.

1. iPadian Emulator

The iPadian Emulator is one of the most popular iOS emulators that you will come across. The most striking feature of this software is that its user interface or GUI has been developed to match the look and feel of an iPad. So while using this emulator, it will seem like you are using a real iPad and not an emulator. The iPadian emulator allows you full access to Apple’s App Store and you can easily download and execute the applications from there.

iPadian is available both as a free as well as paid premium version. What makes the iPadian so popular is that the fact that it comes with a rich display and a host of exciting features that include versatile compatibility and a wide selection of iOS applications that you can download and use. This emulator has been developed to provide appealing looks that are identical to the user interface of any Apple device.

You can download this from here.

2. SmartFace:

Smartface is another excellent emulator software for those who are interested in developing cross-platform iOS applications. This software is basically a full version enterprise mobility management application that is used to deliver strategic mobility solutions in very less time for various organizations. It provides a full set of options that can you can use for debugging. READ  GarageBand for Windows (10/8.1/7) PC Download to Create Own Music

It can be highly beneficial while developing native iOS applications. Support for plug-ins for other apps contains a Javascript library and a standalone codebase for javascript. If you wish to derive an interface that is identically rich and flawless like any of the Apple devices, Smartface is going to be a pleasure for you to work with.

You can download Smartface from here.

3. MobiOne Studio:

One of the very popular iOS emulators for pc windowsMobiOne Studio can be used both as an iOS emulator as well as a visual designer. The applications on this emulator have been developed by using an open-source framework of PhoneGap or Cordova based on HTML 5 hybrid application model. The MobiOne Studio comes with a full set of features such as a customizable workbench that helps you to keep your apps organized.

MobiOne Studio is a wonderful iPhone / iPad emulator that delivers a high-class realistic user experience. It offers a simple but efficient drag-and-drop designer interface where you can design and execute the iOS apps. It also offers an amazing range of design templates which can help you design and develop iOS apps easily and in much less time. Moreover, there are features that let you create status notifications for your desktop, imprint your apps with customized icons and also play iOS games.

MobiOne Studio can be downloaded from here.


The best thing about is that it lets you execute all iOS applications and games on a Windows computer, and lets you download and run Android apps too. Its versatility as an emulator for both Android as well as iOS applications makes it one of the hugely popular tools that you can use to test the apps developed by you. There is a wide range of the coolest features that this application offers its users.

One can check them all out by watching the live iOS demonstration. You can use this as a simulator by simply creating an account, log in using your credentials and upload the app file to execute it in the browser. You can access the trial version of this software that supports 2 parallel users up to a limit of 100 minutes. In the premium and enterprise versions, an unlimited number of concurrent users is supported.

You can download from here.

5. Ripple Emulator:

Ripple is one of the most lightweight and finest iOS emulators that you can use as an extension to your Chrome web browser. It emulates many of the functionalities of the native iOS platform which helps in running and developing various iOS applications and games. Ripple also lets you test various iOS applications after you have developed them.

Those who are looking for a quick and light iOS emulator application for testing their developed applications will definitely be delighted with the way Ripple Emulator performs. However, you will not be able to understand much difference if you simply want to run few iOS applications. If you have been able to transcode an HTML-5 based app into a native iOS app using PhoneGap, Ripple will make it easier for you to execute that iOS application for you. READ  9 Scheduling Apps for Traveling Students to Always Stay on Top

You can download it from here.

6. Xamarin:

Xamarin is widely known as one of the top performing iOS emulators for pc windows that is also hugely popular among the developers who can both create as well as execute native iOS apps. You can create your own set of native iOS applications on this tool, using the programming language C#. Moreover, you can develop, execute as well as test all your iOS applications using the IDE for Visual Studio. Xamarin allows you to do all of these functions seamlessly on all three platforms namely iOS, Windows, and Mac.

You can share up to 75% of the logic of your app development across the various platforms used for mobile application development using Xamarin. You can even share most of the user interfaces among the different platforms with the help of the feature namely Xamarin. Forms that are built into this application. Xamarin offers the latest technological advancements in the form of “Xamarin Test Cloud” which can be used to automate the total process of testing the developed iOS apps.

Download Xamarin from here.


If you have developed an iOS application and now you wish to Beta test it before the final launch, then using the software will be the best to complete the testing. This emulator software has been coded using HTML 5 and that is why it is pretty lightweight and executes very fast. There are some really cool features integrated into this tool which lets you share the demo video of your newly developed application to all the potential customers.

Testers for your application, along with potential investors and customers will be able to view the demo without downloading the application. At the end of the demo, they will be prompted by a CTA button that will automatically redirect them to your application in the Apple’s application store. is directed to provide a highly engaging experience to the users. It also provides a unique way to showcase your app development.

You can download from here.

8. Air iPhone Emulator:

The Air iPhone Emulator is basically an Adobe AIR software application that provides the interfaces of an iPhone and can be used to execute iOS applications directly. In order to use the Air iPhone Emulator, you need to download the AIR framework from Adobe first onto your Windows computer. The Adobe AIR framework offers a rich multi-platform runtime environment that is widely used by developers to create mobile and desktop applications using Adobe’s Flex, Flash and ActionScript software.

You can execute pre-installed iOS applications on the Air iPhone emulator which gives you the best quality first-hand feel of using an iPad or iPhone. However, you may not be able to download and access all the applications that are available in the App Store – the number of downloadable applications is limited. Moreover, all the applications that you may come across on an iPhone may also be unavailable to run on this native simulator software.

Download AIR iPhone for free from here.

9. Nintendo 3Ds Emulator:

Released back in the year 2010 by Nintendo, the Nintendo 3DS emulator software is a huge hit among the iOS gaming fanatics. It offers the highest quality of user experience for those who wish to play iOS games on their Windows computer or laptop. The top-level gaming console features make this emulator software one of the most popular applications all over the world.

Mindblowing 3D graphics and top-grade resolution are the most coveted features offered by this software. You can play the best iOS 3D games without even having to install any other accessories or hardware. Now you can enjoy all the Nintendo games on to your Windows laptop or computer for free, using this Nintendo 3ds Emulator application.

You can download this emulator from here.

10. Electric Mobile Studio:

The Electric Mobile Studio software has been specially designed keeping the requirements of the iOS app developers in mind. When you have downloaded the Electric Mobile Studio suite for a Windows computer or laptop, you can start developing, redesigning as well as testing various iOS apps on your computer. You can run almost all of the iOS software applications available in the Apple’s App Store, using this emulator.

Moreover, handling your iPad and iPhone also becomes really easy with this application. However, the size of this application file is considerable, so you would need to free up at least 6GB of space on your system to run this emulator seamlessly. Moreover, this is also very expensive, which makes it less accessible to many users. The trial version of this emulator is available for free only for 7 days.

You can check out the download link to the Electric Mobile Studio emulator over here.

Final Words:

By now you must have got a clear enough idea about the iOS emulator for pc windows that you need to look for. Most of these emulator applications are available free of cost and can also support all the versions of the Windows operating system. And if you wish to run your favorite iOS applications on any other platform like Linux, Mac OS, and even Android system, you can also use these emulators and enjoy a seamless experience.

But before you download any of the emulators, make sure to go through the system pre-requisites for each of them. Usually, emulator applications require a lot of space to download and run smoothly on any system. And to enjoy the best user experience, no different than an iPhone or iPad, it is important to make sure that all the system requirements are fulfilled. Only then can you look forward to the highest quality of iOS emulator performance on a Windows PC

Download Screenflow for PC (Official)

Screenflow for PC: This article introduces the step-by-step process on how to install Screenflow on your PC. It will also describe the features included within the application.

Screenflow is an easy-to-use yet professional screen recording application. It enables one to record screen activities from their desktop and save it to their local folder. This supports audio creation coming from your system and microphone. Thus, allowing you to add narration or voice over to your recorded file.

The application supports capturing of screen activities at a high quality which makes it one of the most popular applications on the market. So, if you’re an app developer or gamer who wants to create a video tutorial, you may use this one to record your applications or games.

Aside from its ability to capture screen, this also works as a video editor which allows one to add annotations and highlights. You may also choose from the different format types like AIFF, GIF, M4V, and MP4. Take a look at the detailed guide below to know how to use this application.

Contents [show]

Download ScreenFlow for PC

NameScreenFlow v8.2.3Size54.3 MBRequirementOS X 10.12 Sierra or HigherAuthorTelestream

Download ScreenFlow for PC

How to Install Screenflow for PC

This part will provide you with a detailed guide to run Screenflow on your computer. Note that this only works on a desktop running PC system.

  1. To start, download the installer of the screen recorder on your computer.
  2. Next, run the file and follow the on-screen instruction to set-up the application.
  3. After that, agree to the terms and conditions and wait for the program to start.

Features of Screenflow 

Screen Recorder

  • Record video and audio from a computer
  • Record connected to the device
  • Capture videos from web camera
  • Adjust frame rate or specify the duration of the recording


  • Edit basic video settings like aspect ratio and cropping
  • Change audio settings
  • Volume, ducking and rudimentary mixing options
  • Add effects to audio
  • Annotate your video by adding a circle, mark, or point
  • Insert text and titling

Export and Publish

  • Choose from the different format types
  • Set video resolution
  • Directly upload your output on video sharing sites like Vimeo or YouTube

How to Record Screen using Screenflow

This section will show you the complete instruction to capture your computer screen with Screenflow. Follow along and find out how.

  1. First, click the Screenflow shortcut icon on your desktop to open the application.
  2. Once the program is running, navigate to the Settings option to adjust the resolution, frame rate, or audio settings.
  3. From the main interface of the program, click the recording icon and select the area that you want to capture.
  4. After setting up the area, the program will automatically record all the ongoing activities on your screen.
  5. When you’re done, hit the same recording icon to save your file.


Get Screenflow for your screen recording projects. This can be an amazing application for your PC that you can get for free. It lets you record and edit at the same time. Perfect for someone who makes tutorials.